Monday, 14 September 2015

My journey with MOZILLA is new.But in this brief,i feel like i have learnt so much that it can fill an entire here i am sharing a event.It Was the great opportunity to be a speaker between these womoz in BHOPAL on 14th september 2015 at 10.30 p.m to 12.00a.m
  "Behind every succesfull man there is a woman"but in my case it turned out to be quite the opposite and the person i own my sucess is to 1st Mr.RAHUL TALREJA and the 2nd one is PUSHKAR PANDEY he is my batchmate who motivate me to be a part of mozilla..
    In today's event,we started our conversation with this question "ARE WOMEN GOOD MANAGER OR NOT"? The healthy discussion on womoz as we like to call us WOMEN IN MOZILLA.Everyone teamed up and started putting their views and opinions.It was really refreshing to see such an great and opinionated team..
   After sometime i had taken the lead.I started the session with a very simple question" WHY DON'T WOMEN SHOWS HER INTEREST IN OPEN SOURCE"??...WHY DON'T THEY COME FORWARD "?..i received the answer that is mostly about coding and hesitation. I addresed them more and tried to break the mental blocks that women had and after that we discussed more about what is FSA n what is the role of FSA ..and many more which is totally related to MOZILLA..
That was a great moment for me...and I dare to aware a country where a girl will prepare to be technical or webmaker rather than a house hold worker...

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